algebraic geometry

3-7 September 2007
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland


There are the following accomodation options arranged by the organizers for the participants.

All prices are given in Polish currency. See Money and banking to check current exchange rate.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is marked with a red pin on the map.

The Map of Poznań

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Hotel in the PAN Conference Center

photo of PAN center
Ośrodek Nauki PAN
ul. Henryka Wieniawskiego 17
61-713 Poznań, Poland
Phone:	00 48 61 851 6841
Fax: 	00 48 61 852 0671
The hotel is marked on the map with a yellow pin.

How to go to the hotel on your own

Taxi fare from the airport is approximately 30 PLN, and from the railway station 10 PLN. The fare may differ slightly from one to another taxi company, but make sure you do take a Radio Taxi company to keep the fare on the level described above. Do avoid unauthorized cars and taxis without visible words: Radio Taxi.